I am Helga De Filette, a creative-but mostly technical-patterns-nerd.

Thanks to my exceptional spatial recognition, I developed from an early age an eye for the beauty of shapes and lines. In combination with a love of geometry and mathematics, this led to my passion for technical drawing.

In addition to my high school, I followed both a 3 year training modeling and pattern drawing and a training fashion technology in HOGENT. But in this ever-evolving sector of innovation and evolution, I also think it’s necessary to keep up with the latest trends.

After more than 25 years of experience in the lingerie and fashion industry as a modelist, pattern maker and product developer, I took the step to continue as a freelancer.

The name ' Akkuraat ' stands for my pursuit of a perfect pattern with a nice organic line marking and a fit with a high quality measure. Akkuraat also stands for the work and delivery of the patterns within the agreed time margin.

Luxury materials such as lace, embroidery and tulle, as well as elastic materials have no secrets for me. Their technical aspects are an added value and a challenge to come to the right pattern.

Helga De Filette - Freelance modeliste lingerie & fashion - De Wieleman 8 - 9890 Dikkelvenne (Gavere)
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